* No Summer school at DYHCS.

* There will be a summer feeding program that will be offered at DYHCS beginning on June 5 to June 30. Recreational activities will be offered daily by ODY before meal time daily. Open to all students 0 to 18 years of age.

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Vision Statement:
Our vision is to provide every student a strong foundation to develop mentally (Binisahhakees bidziil dooleel), socially (K’e dinidzin dooleel), physically (A’daa’akondzin dooleel), and spiritually (Idahodilzin dooleel) as they become self-sufficient in their journey through life.

Philosophy Statement:
The philosophy of Dibe Yazhi Habitiin Community School is to create a positive learning environment and provide quality educational programs that will enable students to increase their knowledge, develop essential skills, and acquire the attitudes necessary to be successful individuals within the family, peergroups,
community, and society.

BIE Mission Statement:
The mission of Dibe Yazhi Habitiin Community School is to provide quality education in a safe positive learning environment, and promote high expectations for our students.


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