Transportation is provided for students on Monday to Friday for local areas within our district. The school provides several bus routes which are determined during the registration process. The buses depart at 6:00 a.m. on weekdays unless changes are made due to weather conditions.  The school conducts safety training’s for student safety. The bus route schedules cover:

Borrego 1

Mr. Elton Jones

Wolf Canyon Rd, Nav. RT 49, Smith Lake Corner Stone, Casamero Lake Loop & Martinez Camp

Borrego 2

Ms. Lucinda Largo
Star Pond Rd, Casamero Lake NHA; County Rd 19 & Crow Mesa Rd.

Borrego 3

Mrs. Christina Martin
Ikard Newsome, Heartbutte Rd, White Ridge Rd, Littlewater NHA & Navajo Route 48